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Turn Feedback Into Action is the source for all your 360 needs. Our world-class consultants can guide you through every phase of the 360-degree feedback process from survey design, 360 orientation, survey administration, and coaching. Or you can purchase a 360-degree feedback package that includes a standard survey, online assessment, and coaching. If you'd like to coordinate the process yourself, we offer the industry's leading 360-degree feedback software system.

Select from one of two surveys (i.e. Supervisor/Manager or Executive) and include online survey administration and coaching. Choose the package that suits your needs:

Click the logo for more information and to purchase:
360-Degree Feedback Package
Includes online assessment and one coaching session to help the feedback recipients understand their results and create an action plan. More Information
360-Degree Feedback Package
Includes online assessment and two coaching sessions to follow up the action planning, check progress, and ensure accountability. More Information
360-Degree Feedback Package
Includes online assessment and three coaching sessions that create a comprehensive development process plus the DISC Behavioral Model (which the coach will help link to 360 results). More Information

If you’d like to purchase 360 software to administer surveys yourself, check out the 20/20 Insight GOLD and see why more than a million people have participated in 20/20 360-Degree Feedback projects since 1994.

Contact Us to learn why 61 of the current Fortune 100 companies trust Team Builders Plus to develop their people. Contact us today at 888.672.1120 to find out what we can do for you.

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