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360 Pro Package

360-Degree Feedback Package
The 360 Pro Package includes the online assessment and two telephone-based coaching sessions. During the first coaching session, the individual will gain a deeper understanding of his or her 360-degree feedback results. We will identify trends and reveal underlying behavioral drivers for lower rated scores. The session will conclude with participants creating a performance log in which they will track performance for behavioral challenge areas over the next month. In the second session, the coach will help the individual to create a personal development plan.

The Process
Simply click on the package you would like to purchase. After submitting your credit card information, you will immediately receive a form that you need to complete. This form includes the names and e-mail addresses of the feedback recipient and raters. You will also provide the relationship between the raters and the recipient (e.g. Manager, Peers, Direct Report). Tell us which survey you would like to use (Supervisor/Manager or Executive) and we’ve got everything we need to administer the survey.

You’ll need to notify raters to expect an e-mail containing a secure web link, username, and user-established password. Raters will have two weeks to complete the online assessment. (Don’t worry, we’ll send reminders out a few days before it’s complete to those who have not yet completed the survey.)

After the raters complete the assessment, we’ll generate the report and send it directly to you as a PDF. The coaching session will take place within three days of your receipt of the 360 degree feedback results.

And then, the real work begins…applying new insights to change behavior and get better results! Our coaches will make sure that you have a strategy for improvement and then it’s up to you to turn the feedback into results.

360 Pro Package Price (purchase through our online Training Catalog): $745 per feedback recipient

This is an introductory rate for up to your first five 360 recipients. 

Click here for more details on what is included in our standard 360 packages

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