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About Team Builders Plus Team Builders Plus was founded in 1991 with the passion to develop the skills that ensure long-lasting personal, professional, and organizational success. Our experienced staff helps identify client needs through individual, team, and organizational assessment. We link development experiences to real-world business issues through one-on-one performance coaching and training programs.

Team Builders Plus helps individuals, teams and organizations to gain a clear perspective of their strengths and challenges. Our assessment services include every phase of the development process, including web-based administration, report generation, and coaching. Our online survey system, the 20/20 Insight GOLD, is state-of-the-art, enables Team Builders Plus to conduct all types of surveys, such a 360-degree feedback, team assessments, and organization climate surveys.

Our team building programs range from fun team retreats to intensive team interventions and everything in between. To learn more, check out or Our leadership development programs target basic supervisory skills, as well as the higher-level competencies needed by senior executives. Programs are fun, memorable, and create lasting results. By integrating training sessions with one-on-one coaching, individuals achieve maximum results. To learn more about our team and leadership services, visit Team Builders Plus. We also offer a wide range of training products and assessment tools through The Training Catalog.

We believe that our unwavering commitment to continually develop our own skills and constantly seek the most effective methods and tools for transforming people, teams, and organizations has led to our ongoing success. We strive to be the leading team building company in the United States and fully engage our hearts and minds to fulfill that reality.


The Team Builders Plus mission is to create truly engaged employees who achieve unprecedented results by promoting long-lasting personal and organizational growth and success.

As the premier team and leadership development company, we empower and enable individuals to create a positive and productive work environment.

We are deeply committed to:

  • Responding to client needs with speed and thoroughness
  • Partnering with our clients to provide" extra mile" level of service
  • Delivering innovative and informative development services that generate organizational buzz
  • Creating joy and excitement in the learning process
  • Modeling all of the interpersonal and organizational skills that we teach our clients
  • Making our own passion for teamwork and leadership contagious to everyone we encounter
  • Creating a high-performance team environment for our own employees

jeff backal, ceo, team builders plusJeffrey Backal, MBA

Jeff Backal brings to his clients more than 17 years of management and consulting experience. He holds a Masters Degree from Drexel University, where he was a founding partner in the Drexel Consulting Group.

Jeff’s passion for helping groups of individuals truly develop into cohesive teams was his driving force to create Team Builders Plus. Early in his career, he realized many individuals and companies have a strong desire to grow and Jeff wanted to find a way to help. This lead Jeff to spending much of his time working closely with clients to understand their culture, identifying their development needs, and recommend solutions to help them achieve their goals. Since co-founding Team Builders Plus in 1991, tens of thousands of individuals, teams and organizations from across the country have benefited from Jeff’s dedication to creating better work environments.

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Through Jeff’s leadership, Team Builders Plus has made several substantial acquisitions over the past few years, such as Silver Career Management and Teambuilding, Inc. With his talent for building trusting relationships, he has formed many strategic alliances with organizations such as; The Enterprise Center (a state of the art training facility), I-Glide (provider of Segways that Team Builders Plus has used for various team building activities), Battleship New Jersey (a unique venue for team building programs), and numerous independent training consultants throughout the United States, just to name a few.

Jeff sits on the Steininger Behavior Care Services Board of Directors and on the Executive Advisory Board of Performance Support Systems (the publisher of the 20/20 Insight GOLD). He is an active member in professional organizations such as Tri-State Human Resource Management Association, The Delaware Valley Initiative (an employment issues resource center dedicated to helping area business owners and HR professionals), The Chamber of Commerce and ASTD. He is also an Inscape Publishing Diamond Consultant.

You might be surprised to know that:Jeff spends his spare time coaching all types of youth teams, such as soccer, wrestling, baseball, softball...

merrick rosenberg, president and chief learning officer, team builders plusMerrick Rosenberg, MBA
President & Chief Learning Officer

If there’s one sentence that Merrick hears from his clients more than any other, it would be, “I can tell that you love what you do.” And they are right…

Whether he’s coaching a manager to help them get to the next level, facilitating a team building program to help a group work through their issues, or consulting with an organization to help them create a positive and productive work environment, Merrick is living his personal vision of helping people to learn and grow.

Merrick has worked with more than a quarter of the Fortune 100 companies in 28 states and around the world. And while he spends much of his time developing the Team Builders Plus team of coaches and facilitators into the world-class experts, he is a sought after coach, trainer, and speaker. Merrick's excellence in the field stems is powered by his charisma, drive, and 18+ years of working with line staff to senior executives and CEOs. His stories, wisdom and background are key to helping to transform people and organizations from vision to reality.

He received his MBA specializing in Organization & Human Resource Development from Drexel University. Merrick is a member of the Chief Learning Officer magazine Business Intelligence Board, is a Certified Professional Development Trainer, and is certified facilitator of the DiSC® Behavioral Model. He is a consummate reader and prolific writer whose insights have been published ASTD’s Training & Development magazine, Training magazine, as well as local Philadelphia newspapers and magazines.

In addition to being an accomplished facilitator and one-on-one coach, Merrick is an engaging presenter who has spoken for organizations such as: ASTD, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Project Management Institute, the International Society for Performance Improvement, the Employer's Council, and the American Society for Quality, and Vistage International.

You might be surprised to know that: Merrick is a fourth degree black belt in karate and has been teaching martial arts with his wife for more than twenty years.

Team Builders Plus Staff