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Administrator Course


Our Administrator Course is the best way to learn how to use the 20/20® Insight GOLD Software. The class is taught "hands on," with each participant working at an individual computer station. There are two options for completing the course:

  • Two-day course in Newport News, VA (8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET each day)
  • (Five two-hour telephone training sessions (10:00 am - 12:00 noon ET each day)

Tuition for one person is included in the purchase of the 20/20® Insight GOLD system package.

You'll learn how to:

  • Use all aspects of the 20/20® Insight GOLD Administration Software
  • Use WebResponse
  • Set up a feedback project and print reports
  • Print aggregate reports using the Advanced Report feature
  • Review different applications for 20/20® Insight GOLD

Attendees must possess basic computer skills and a working knowledge of Windows. The course focuses on the mechanics of using the software and does not address the development of survey items or group facilitation skills. You will receive the Administrator Course manual with either training option. Shipping charges apply if the manual is sent separate from the system package.

Contact Team Builders Plus at 856-596-4196 for upcoming Admin. Course dates.

Here's what previous attendees have said . . .

. . . about the two-day course:

"I believe I gained the skills necessary to use the 20/20® Insight GOLD feedback program. I have been able to return and review the process as time permits, and my retention level has been higher than anticipated."

"The hands-on learning technique worked extremely well. Paula incorporated exercises and projects into the course for reinforcement of learning. Classroom discussions among the participants stimulated interest and motivation for the class."

"I was amazed how much we learned in the two-day session. Paula was extremely helpful and assured that we thoroughly understood each step."

. . . about the telephone training:

"Because of your help, I feel that I understand the in's and out's of the 20/20® Insight GOLD program. As one trainer to another, I appreciated your ability to not just disseminate the information, but to tailor the training to my learning style and pace."

"Excellent support materials and training aides. A professional approach was maintained throughout.



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