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Coaching services range from one-hour 360 survey debrief conversations to long-term coaching processes that lasts for six months. Our coaches are experienced at working with people at all levels from front-line supervisors to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives.

Survey debrief conversations guide 360-degree feedback recipients to understand their results, identify themes among their strengths and challenges, and create goals and action plans to improve performance and relationships. These conversations help people to accept their feedback and deal with any emotional reactions to surprising results.

Long-term coaching processes utilize the 360-degree feedback results as a foundation for growth and development. Initial discussions help individuals identify trends and reveal underlying behavioral drivers for lower rated scores. Our coaches are experts at guiding people through the various comments and scores to help them identify core themes among their strengths and challenges.

The coach helps people to unlock innate strengths and overcome obstacles to star performance and strong relationships. The coach focuses the individual on bridging the gap between the current and desired level of success. Discussions will target successes, breakdowns, ongoing challenges, difficult relationships, behavioral styles, feelings, goals, strategies, actions, progress and obstacles. By modeling respect, empathy, and collaboration in every coaching interaction, the coach becomes a respected and trusted partner in creating transformation.

Our coaches are experts at helping people to create specific development plans that include:

  • Questions for managers, peers and direct reports to clarify numeric data and comments stated in the report
  • Specific performance goals
  • Actions that will help to accomplish these goals
  • Potential obstacles that may inhibit success and strategies to overcome these obstacles
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