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The quality of feedback received from a 360-degree feedback process is due in part to the quality of the questions asked in the survey. To ensure the quality of your survey, Team Builders Plus can review your pre-existing survey or create one for you that reflects your organization's values and the competencies you wish to assess.

Team Builders Plus will employ the following psychometric principles when designing the survey:

  • Survey items must begin with an action verb: This allows raters to identify the behavior.
  • Survey items must be observable behaviors: Traits, characteristics, attitudes, motives, values, thoughts and feelings are important aspects of professional people, but they operate inside a person. If people cannot directly observe a quality or characteristic, they cannot accurately evaluate it.
  • Questions must describe only one behavior: If an item describes more than one behavior, the person evaluating may feel differently about each one. If two behaviors are important enough to be included, they should be represented in two items.
  • Language must be clear: Much of business writing is excessively formal, complex and passive. This makes the message hard to understand. It is important that everyone clearly understands the behavior represented by each assessment item.
  • Questions will target positive behaviors: Items that are phrased negatively do not indicate desired behavior so their measurement is inconsistent with items that are worded positively. A high score for such items would indicate a negative tendency, not a positive one.
  • Focus on important behaviors: Countless actions, steps, tasks, procedures, processes, performances and other behaviors are involved in any skill. It would be impractical to list them all in an assessment. The best approach is to focus on the activities that are crucial to performing the skill well.
  • Survey items must sufficiently define the category: Team Builders Plus will ensure that when all of the items within the category sufficiently cover the main aspects of that category of questions.


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