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Some of the best promotional information about 20/20® Insight GOLD wasn't created by our marketing department. It was written by the people who use our software on a daily basis. When you read some of the feedback we've received from our satisfied customers, you'll see what we mean!

Using 20/20® Insight GOLD has made it possible for our company to use 360 degree assessments to identify training and development opportunities without the time- consuming and error- prone task of manual tabulation or the expense of an external consultant. Performance Support Systems provides top-notch technical support, training and on-line help. I highly recommend the 20/20® Insight GOLD product for companies of all sizes.
Valerie Kaufman

We believe the 360-degree process is an invaluable tool in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the way teams work. Since we're a fairly small firm, we need a 360 survey tool that is easy to administer yet provides us with the reporting necessary to understand what is going on. Our surveys range in size from a single subject with a dozen respondents to 100 subjects and 1400+ respondents. 20/20® Insight GOLD meets our needs for all these surveys. We are very satisfied with 20/20® Insight GOLD and WebResponse.
Chuck Pearsall
Sperduto & Associates, Inc.

We have found that the 20/20® Insight GOLD program is a great way to provide employee feedback and help promote our team environment. The 20/20® Insight GOLD software is very user-friendly, and the technical staff is excellent.
Jamie LaSalle
Arizona Kidney Disease & Hypertension Center

The 20/20® Insight GOLD WebResponse software received very positive feedback... We had a strong completion rate and the managing and tracking of the web administration was user friendly. WebResponse has increased our technical capabilities and has the potential to reduce costs and enhance the growth and development of our employees.
Zanzia L. Russell
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

We are very happy with 20/20® Insight GOLD! The efficiency of the system, along with the confidentiality and anonymity, has made 20/20 Insight very popular among our users of the product. We feel that 20/20® Insight GOLD will be a key component in the continued development of our leadership team at Hershey Foods Corporation.
Jim Czupil
Hershey Foods Corporation

As the software administrator for our organization, I have found 20/20® Insight GOLD to be the perfect feedback and survey instrument. It is extremely easy for me to use... One of the greatest features is that the software can be so easily customized. Not only have we successfully used the software for our multi-source feedback assessment...we have also used it for customer satisfaction surveys, organizational effectiveness surveys, and training evaluations. I couldn't imagine doing my job without it!
Lori Burleson
Regan Holding Corporation

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I'm a Human Resources Representative... One of my biggest projects is our World Wide Employee Opinion Survey, which includes our offices in Asia, Europe, Mexico, South Africa and Australia. We used the WebResponse Hosting Service, and it worked great. I was able to create the survey and tabulate the results much more quickly. And I was able to administer two other surveys at the same time. Web assessments were so easy to set up and manage.
Kami Johnson
Fourth Shift Corporation

Incorporating 20/20® Insight GOLD into a training program for our salespeople has met with very positive results. The participants of the class feel they have gained valuable knowledge about how their customers perceive them and they would not have been able to obtain this information elsewhere.
Ginger L. Eardley

The 20/20® Insight GOLD system is so user-friendly and technical support has been wonderful to work with (although the system is so easy I rarely have to contact them). I have received rave reviews from my employees on how well they like the electronic format, it is simple and confidential and is very easy to administer.
Patty Camp
Barr Engineering

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